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Guess who's back on Youtube!

13.06.2024 03:40

Ó mo dhia, he's back! I'm making videos again, and currently working on two simultaneously: a beta survival again and a redstone thingy magingy. I have made a small video explaining, what happened, but it's so insignificant, that I won't add it (it got like 10 views lol), but also it only summarised what I've already explained here, although I've mentioned some other things that I'll write here about right now

DVDs, we love them, we hoard them, and we (not me) ignore them. For example, my school musical was not given out on DVD >:( This was the first time, that they did not give out DVDs, instead it was a Vimeo link. I can bet you, that that link won't be around in 20 years, meanwhile, according to the Canadian government, my DVD will be around for, probably, twice as long as well. Ah yes, I didn't mention it, I burnt my own DVD with our musical. It even has a fancy menu and everything! The only kinda sad-ish thing is that the recording (after cutting as much slack as possible) is 136 minutes, and I only have single layer DVDs, which can hold only 120 minutes of video at 4.5 kb/s, therefore, the bitrate had to go down a little bit, which, isn't too bad, because due to it being a musical, it has a lot of static shots of the scene, but some panning shots as well :) Anyways, it's fine, it looks fine, just at the DVD resolution

Screenshot of Intermaria from the MCO live map on the 13 June 2024

MinecraftOnline! I've been playing it non-stop every day for the past two weeks, until like two days ago, when I decided to record that YouTube video and started working on the redstone machine, but on the server, I've done quite a bit of things! You can see the image above, that's the map of Intermaria as of the 13 June 2024, and if you don't know, Intermaria is my town! I've been on and off working on it for the past one and almost a half years, which is kinda crazy to think about, but I also got over 300 hours of playing on the server haha. The hole that you see on the map is my future ink farm (private, ima make money with it), the paths and cobble are streets and a plaza and the huge blue concrete thing is Seán's house - a huge not yet complete statue of Joost Klein. He is only mildly obsessed with him after Eurovision, and I'll say, his music is not bad, but not particularly my cup of tea. For me, it's more of a "nice to hear on the radio" type of music and not an "I'll go an listen to it in my free time" type of music. Perhaps you don't know and do it differently, but I only listen to music either on the radio, when sitting in a car or a bus, or in my own time and very intentionally at that. Usually listening t some music would kida ruin the atmosphere in the moment for me, so I don't listen to it when doing things. But also, I tried using my headphones outside, but it just stresses my out so much. Instead of chilling and listening to music, I just feel awefully anxious because I cannot hear all of the surrounding ambient sounds and it just feels more like a handycap to me, so yeah, I don't listen to music that much :P

I made a mod for Minecraft! It's for beta 1.7.3 and it changes only one single thing: it swaps the left and right mouse buttons! (Yes, I play with them swapped, to me it both makes more sense, and I've always played like this, probably got this from when me and my friend played on his computer haha) I've seen a bunch of people request a mod like that, both on Reddit and in the Modification Station discord, but nobody had made one. Even I made a request in the #requests channel, but I also didn't get a response with a mod. I knew, that if nobody helps me, only I can help myself, so I researched a bunch, it took me an entire day an I really should make a compilation / guide for beta modding on this website, because there is not a whole lot of stuff on the internet to find. Anyways, I've created it, and called it Swappify! It's a jar mod, so you'd need to add it to the minecraft.jar itself. I am really not sure if using the default launcher works, but here's a decade and a half old website with a guide, some things are outdated, but, if it works for you, then good. I myself would just use Prism launcher, because doing anything modding is infinitely easier with it. Oh and yeah, here's the Planet Minecraft page for the mod!

Banner for the mod, used on Planet Minecraft

Okay, so, this shall be the last full paragraph for today. As you could notice, I have this "random links" section and I periodically add things to it. Today I added noclip.website to it, and the last website was textfiles.com, which I added shortly after launching the blog, which was a while ago. Oh btw, textfiles.com is the website where I found the underconstruction.gif on :Þ So, I just added noclip.website to the random links window. Noclip.website is a website with maps from various old games that you can explore, so I thought that it's a nice fit for the section. The links before those two just feel odd to me now, because they are from a more corporate side of the internet, and really are a bit more "random", although they have some meaning behind them. The Nyan Cat video is the Nyan Cat video, not further explanation. The rickroll is the rickroll, and I used to try to rickroll as many people as possible at the time, but there it is. The Firefox link is me propaganding and encouraging people to use Firefox, because it's superiour to most other browsers, because it doesn't run on Chromium. MinecraftOnline is self explanatory, and the Wikipedia page for cheese is what I use to test Internet connection, that's a random fun fact fot all of ye. So, do I plan to delete any of those links? No, I don't. But I will be finishing this website, because it's been in this unfinished state for more than half a year now. What will I add? Well, the "About Me" page would be nice, a guestbook and a sitemap are essential, but also, now that I've thought about it, I should make some pages with various guides on things that I found not very well documented on the web, like modding beta Minecraft, for example. I also should make a big page for the links, and my YouTube videos, and I think I'll do that by making the titles of the side windows clickable, that seems like the most logical thing to do

And that now concludes this entry to the blog! I hope, you enjoy reading me ranble about all sorts of stuff, and I'll smell y'all later! bye-bye!

Великдень & Мотузковий парк

07.05.2024 13:13

Yay, Easter just happened! You love to see some паски and egg fights on a Sunday. Huh, you don't get me? Yeah, well, you're not ukrainian (or easter than Germany Europe), so you probably won't get most things. Also, yes Easter was this Sunday, the 05.05.2024 and that's because I'm not a Catholic, like most irish people. If you know Technodad, you know what's up, it's Orthodox Christianity :D

Okay, so here's a sum up of what we usually do on Easter: first, we bake the паски aka. easter bread / cake. It's this cylindrical thing with icing and sparkles on top. We only bake it for Easter and eat it at that time. Then, we paint some eggs. In Ukraine there are a lot of very different ways to do that, for example писанки, крашанки, крапанки, дряпанки & more! Most are mildly complicated and take longer than 10 minutes of boiling an egg, so most of the time an egg is a single colour, maybe with a wrap around it, or a some bits and bobs like stickers. That happens before the Easter day btw.

On Easter day we... well, fight with eggs, obviously. Don't worry, we don't throw eggs around like showballs, no, we just hit the peaks and bums of eggs together to see which one cracks, while pronouncing the phrase "Христос воскрес! Воістину воскрес!". If your egg cracks, you must eat it, and if it doesn't - you fight with someone else. That's the breakfast part of the day. We'd also go and get a bunch of our food blessed with holy water. I haven't actually ever been to a mass in the church, mostly because up until recently, I was an undescribably crazy and uncontrollable child. Anyways, the food. It's all in a basket, usually covered with a towel. What kind if food, you might ask? Well, pretty much anything. Of course we bring eggs and the паски, but also things like honey, sausage, maybe even flowers. A big thing is bringing home the fire. I am not sure about Ireland, but in Ukraine we had fire come all the way from Israel to us that we would take on a candle and bring home. Sometimes, we'd even draw crosses with it on the doors in our home to protect against the evil and that kind of stuff. It's pretty interesting and fun. Much cooler than the uninspired corporate garbage they have in Ireland... yeah

Now, this Easter we didn't go to church to getbour food blessed. I know, it's heartbreaking. Our parents had bought tickets to a rope park place thingy in Cork on that day and, honestly, was extremely fun. I did most of the tracks, my sister fell to the floor on the last one we did at the end, but she was close to finishing it. There is only the hardest one left for me to do, but my sister is too young for that one. The place is called Zipit, I highly recommend going there to all of you.

So yeah, that's that. What do you think about my awesome post from yesterday? It's a pretty cosy video, so I thought that It'd be cool to mention. Also, if you click the images in the post, they will open the Wikipedia pages for the corresponding thing, but you might need to choose a different language one haha. Anyways, I shall go now, see ya!

Checkpoint video discovered!

06.05.2024 23:46

Nah, nope, nuh-uh

01.05.2024 12:35

Nah, we didn't win. 'Turbine' won instead. It was kinda a cheesy movie, like I understand its premice, but it was kinda bland and cliché'd. Also slightly unrealistic, I doubt, that a guy would actually turn off power in a school, or that 5 minutes without electricity would actually cost 1000€. You know what, they're from Clare. People in Clare are all suckups, they just sucked up to the judges by showing, that there is a no phone policy in their school. Believe it or not, people actually laughed at our movie, so our goal of it being a comedy was fully achieved :D Yeah, so, we should've won. We had a deep and meaningful message behind our film, conveyed in a very effective way >:)

Nope, it's not fixed. And it probably won't ever be. All this time, nobody has turned the motherboard upside down, and when we did, well, a part of it was literally gone. It burned and some components even melted... I guess, I'll need to buy a new one myself. It's time to find a summer job haha

Nuh-uh, I will not stop doing random crap on the internet. The YouTube break will probably turn out to be more than six months, but, I think, as long as I come back there, it's okay. I will be playing MinecraftOnline from time to time on my sister's laptop (she does get annoyed when I steal it and don't let her play Roblox, but it's not a big deal lol), so yeah.

This concludes this entry to the my funny blog of awesomeness. I will see y'all later :D

The Movie Competition Be Exciting

17.04.2024 13:03

Cool stuff, we got into the top 5! Our amazing movie is very winnable to be fair. The top five aren't the top from first to fifth though, it's just the top 5 best movies. Tomorrow we (our crew) will have to venture to, I think, Foynes or Shannon or something like that (UPD: I just went to get the image and it literally says Foynes Museum, so yeah) to practice our presentation. To be frank, no idea what's about to unfold, as always, but hopefully my very confident self will be talking on the stage or something, idk, I just want to present something :P

Moving on from tomorrow, the presentations will happen on the 26th of April and we will also get on a boat I think? See, I have no idea about the whole event, but neither does anyone else, as far as I could see. Hopefully we win the competition on that day >:)

Quick computer note: no, not fixed. We went to two repair shops to switch the burned chip on the motherboard, and I swear this country works on wonderland logic. No, it is the Wonderland, that "Alice in the Wonderland" is talking about. There is a lot of weird stuff out here, but this here is just stupid. They refused to switch out the chip, because we already have it. Like what the hell, we made it easier for you, and you refuse with such joy, it's unsettling >:\

And lastly, I shall post potato to spite my classmate. Why? Yes. And yes, I am in school btw, kinda obvious when you look at the time of the post, but still, if you didn't know. So yeah, that's it for now, I'll se ye all later, bye!

Two Months Have Passed

28.03.2024 23:15

No, it's not fixed yet... You probbly are thinking "Nikita, how do you manage to have your laptop not get fixed for two months???" and it's a little bit complicated. So originally I was hoping that my dad would fix the thing, because I have practically zero soildering experience and the laptop needs a tiny little chip resoildered. He, as you probably have guessed, did not get around to doing that, due to many unfortunately overlapping events happening, none of which I am to disclose in public, so to say. Also yes, that's how I talk. So now he found a place where we can take it to, and it should work out fine, but my patience started running out a month ago, when I have been assigned to do a job for a film competition in my school and I didn't have a working computer. Well I stole my sister's laptop for a month, after which she got fed up as well, how lovely :3

Oh yeah, the film competition. So during the two months, I was a part of a film competition with a bunch of my friends, that's called "Shooting the Breeze". I just realised that it's actually an idiom, and you can be sure, we had a whole lot of that in our short film. I think we might even win, because we did something cool and fun and unique, and we think that most people just did a documentary. Oh yeah, I didn't tell you the premise of the whole thing. So basically the movie needs to incorporate wind energy in some shape or form in it, because the company organising it is doing wind energy off the west coast of Ireland and stuff, therefore we assume that most people will be boring and uncreative and just make some lame documentary about how green energy is good and bla bla bla. What did we do? Well, we made a comedy. It's full of skits, parodying real movies and shows, while shoving wind energy into everything and making in obnoxious and ridiculous, to the point it's actully funny. Or at least I hope so. I did get a role in the movie, so if you can see me there talking. I probably just doxxed myself there, idk... also, if we win we will get an iPad each (not the actors, the producing crew) and the school will get 2000€ for doing... something, idk what they'll decide to do with that money :P Now, you see, I am already using an iPad to write this here text, so whatever they give out (if we win) better have at least 64 gigabytes of storage, because using an iPad with 32 is awful. You know, using anything with 32GB is basically torturing yourself, masochism if you will

In other news, I had my birthday happen! I'm now a whole 16 years old (by now I mean more than a month ago). My birthday happened on the 22nd of February and I even managed to skip school on that day, how amazing. Does that change anything? Not really, I mean I can pay with my phone, instead of using the physical card, that's about it. Another weird thing that happened is my Apple Watch has updated to WatchOS 9. Now, you may not realise the weirdness of this situation, so let me explain: I forgot to turn off auto update, so it updated at night. Prior to that it was running WatchOS 8.0.1 for over 2 years straight. As you know, the latest version of the OS is WatchOS 10, that has brought some questionable changes. I have always rejected the update prompt on my phone, but I think that I might've accepted it when WatchOS 9 was still fresh. As a result, the watch has updated, but not to the lates version, so that's kinda cool. And yes, I turned off auto update after that haha

Lastly, I would like to mention that my channel got 100 subscribers! And then I was forced to stop releasing videos, which is sad. Hopefully, it'll get back going when I start making them again 🤜🤜🤜 💦💦💦. Don't ask why, just know that that's a thing, maybe you know what those mean, but if you don't, I'll explain in a video some day later. Anywhosies, I have to also do something important

O Your Majesty Tim Apple, the glorious Mister Cook! I fondly appologise for my misdoings of undermining the power and greatness of the goods that you had the kindness to share. I have wronged you, I shall never repeat my mistakes! Oh please forgive me for thinking that Safari is quirky and doesn't work, I was wrong!

Now that that's done (I hope you found that funny, if not, I am sorry), I can explain. In the previous blog post I mentioned trying to fix the blur in the hearder for Safari and complaining about it not working and even asking for help. First of all, no help has been received, probably because- Secondly, it actually all works fine, it's just that Neocities takes its sweet sweet time to update the CSS, unlike the HTML, so that's where all the confusion came from for me. Also, the discord CDM stopped loading the pictures from Germany, so I had to move them here to be stored locally, which takes a whole like 5MB, which isn't a lot, but i have a total of 1GB, so I need to be really careful with storage here

And now it's time to wrap up this humongous blog post. I really should write them more often, so that they are smaller, but I just didn't have the motivation, because the computer is still broken. And on that note, I shall conclude this communication, see y'all later!

Progressn't & German pictures

28.01.2024 19:40

The laptop doesn't look like it's getting fixed soon. The guy in the repair shop couldn't fix it and now when my dad plugged the thing in, there have been some sparkles and stuff... fun :D I guess we will have to either go to a different repair shop or do some DIY thingies magingies, and I don't know which one is worse

In other news, I looked into fixing the header blur for Safari because, you know, Safari and weird magic tricks that go along with it. If anyone has any idea, contact me on some social media, mine are listed in the window on the side. Also, lemme try to put some pictures of Germany here, hopefully they fit and don't break the html page :D

P.S. I finally have updated the videos in the window, really couldn't get myself to do it because I am still using my iPad to write this. It actually was easier than expected :D

München, popularity and broken laptop

25.01.2024 13:15

So many things have happened.. So first of all, my silly YouTube videos got kinda popular haha. I actually got over a thousand views on the latest two and when I saw the first one do that, I was so flabergasted, like wtf

Then on the 14th of January at 01:00 I have arrived at my school to leave for a trip to München! The trip was absolutely amazing, we went so so many places. I also got a new antirecord, as on the first day of the trip I haven't slept for 36 hours.. fun! So about the places we visited, on the first day we went on a guided trip around the city centre, then we visited the Dachau concentration camp and in the evening, after finally getting our hotel rooms, we visited Olimpiapark and got onto the Olimpiaturm, where I took loads of amazing nighttime photos :D

Honestly, München really reminded me of my home, Kyiv. The large streets, big apartment blocks, parks and more are just so much more normal to me, than Ireland could ever be. Anyways, on the next day we went to Salzburg in Austria, where we walked around town and I even saw trolleybusses! You don't know what a trolleybus is? Well it's basically an electric bus before they became trendy. Yoh can go onto Wikipedia if you want to learn more :P After wondering around town we have gone to the salt mines. Fun fact: they are still in use after 500 years, which is kinda cool. Later we went back to München and went to a shopping centre.

Next day! This day we have been to things that were close to us, like the BMW Welt and museum. It was pretty cool, the museum was quite interesting, to the point where our group had to "search" for me twice (i was just reading the things and they were stressing out). And in the evening we actually took the U-Bahn to Marienplatz and we went shopping there

On our last day before leaving, we have been to two places: Alianz Arena and der Deutsches Mesuem. We went to the stadium first, we got a tour of the place and even went to the changing room. I think that if I was in any way interested in football, I woul've been over the moon, but despite me being quite ignorant to the whole football thing, it was pretty amazing. The museum was more of a my thing though. It's a science museum and I barely explored half of it. Honestly, might be my favourite part of the trip! But afterwards we headed to the airport and went back to Ireland, where I was met with an unfortunate surprise...

When I came back to my home, I realised that my laptop died. I honestly don't get how it did that, but it did. As far as I know, the power supply of the motherboard (the one inside) burned or however you say it in English. The laptop was plugged into the wall when I was on my trip, but it has an external power supply and has been plugged in for multiple months at a time many times before... maybe it's because of its age, idk. It still hasn't been fixed, so I cannot really add anything to this website except blog posts or record any videos :( I am writing this on my iPad, it's not the worst experience ever, but not particularly ideal. Hopefully it's fixed soon enough

And on this note, I shall end this post here. I will come back and update more things later on, maybe even upload some pictures from Germany. If anyone is wondering, why I'm saying "München" and not "Munich", it's because I prefer the original name, it just sounds better. And that's it for now, bye! :D

Website is on the web!

06.01.2024 22:33

It's not complete, as this is the only page of the website (except for test.html). No buttons are currently working, they all lead to test.html. Also, as you can see in the "By the way" window on the left, all of this is typed manually into the html code. Why would I do such a terrible thing to myself? I don't mind it, so it's fine :)

Oh look, I guess it's the end of the blog :0

06.01.2024 20:52

Note on the logo
Despite the black text saying 「でも私は日本語で話さない」 I actually am learning it a a little bit and wrote that without any google translate >:D
Test text I used to test this
HGHHGHGhhhfhhs hsghs hghashj hhsh hhhd hjhhhudu ihihu uihihuihi iuhi ihuuihuh iu